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When Teachers Saw What Their Daughter Wore To School, They Immediately Dialed 911

Teaching is one of the most difficult, but it is also one of the most beautiful jobs. Teachers are always expected to quickly deliver and be responsible for a wide range of students and problems. 

A seven year old girl turned up for a class in high heels, and the teacher knew something was wrong. She arrived for class in dirty clothing. Her teacher was prepared to give to her clean clothes and a spare cot for napping. 

One day, the teacher was alarmed to see her wearing bloody underwear. She immediately sent the evidence ot the police officers. They labeled it as inadmissible and threw it away. 

The system was failing her, I called Children, Youth and Families Department and later called also the police officers. 

The little girl was sexually assaulted and after two weeks her parents were arrested. They were forcing the little girl into theft, begging and prostitution to keep themselves with drugs. 

We are so grateful that this teacher helped and held officers to account for what the system failed her. 

We hope she is doing great now and finds a new adopting family.