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What Should I Do If My Shih Tzu Drinks Alcohol

Many families see it as normal for their dogs to drink alcohol with them. Some of them even rejoice when they see their dog drinking alcohol or getting drunk. This is not a good thing for you or your dog. Alcoholic beverages can damage the body, can poison it, and create various problems during the development of the body.

You should not allow your dog to consume alcohol. While this may be fun, it is not at all for the dog. If you do not want this to happen by mistake, save your food. Be careful to keep away from harmful foods, alcoholic beverages, or foods that contain alcohol. Your dog may drink it because he is attracted to the smell of alcohol. But unlike humans, alcohol has a more negative impact on dogs. See Your Tzu may have problems with vision, heart, movement, or breathing.

Many people who have been dogs show that their dog has not been well after drinking alcohol. As soon as your dog has consumed alcohol, you should take him to the vet. Alcohol is poisonous and can completely damage your dog’s body. This can strain your dog’s breathing and cause anxiety or panic attacks. Also, if your dog consumes alcohol, he may lose his appetite. Many dogs eat less and do not like their favorite foods. As alcohol poisons your dog’s body, it can cause theft and loss of balance. Some dogs have lost their lives from consuming alcohol.

So as you can see, this can be more than harmful. It can be deadly. The vet will help you react in this situation. However, after the visit to the vet, the dog can stay in the hospital for some time and then continue the medication at home. You need to visit the vet as soon as possible to catch this problem in time