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What Really Happened To 6-Year-Old Adam Walsh? New Theory About His Murder Emerges

In the last few days, searches are being carried out to find the killer of the small child Adam Walsh. His head was located 100 miles from his home, while his body was never found. This has affected police investigations. For this reason, it is a bit difficult to find the killer. Some details have been revealed recently, but his murder remains a mystery.

But a new thought circulating is that Adam Walsh may never have been killed.

According to the investigators of such crimes, the killer could be serial killer Ottis Toole. But investigator Arthur Jay Harris suspects that the killer could be another dangerous criminal, Jeffrey Dahmer. The difficulty regarding Adam’s autopsy made the discovery of the killer more difficult.

Adam Walsh

All the investigators are trying to find out if the head is Adam’s or another child. This will be related to the dental data and documents received by the investigators regarding the event. In the interview given by Harris, research is still being done to get the requested results.

According to the observations of the dental data on Adam’s face, comparisons are being made with the victim’s head that was found near his house. There were no fingerprints on his head and they were suffering from forensic DNA decoding.

Adam Walsh

But the searches were made even more difficult because many documents were missing which were needed to clarify the event. Almost all the most critical documents to solve this issue were missing. To discover the killer, Adam’s dental chart, the X-ray of the found child, the forensic report related to the ID, the correct autopsy, etc. must be available.

These documents are the main key to solving this issue. But unfortunately, all the documents are missing. Therefore, it is suspected that the victim is Adam. It is also claimed that Adam may be alive and this makes the matter more suspicious. Adam’s father says he doesn’t believe Harris and the evidence he presented.