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What Might Happen to Your Body If You Eat Just Once a Day

In this article, we will see what may happen to your body if you decide to eat just once a day.

This is a practice also called OMAD because it stands for one meal a day.

Its purpose is to make you lose weight through intermittent fasting.

Here are some of the reactions that may happen to our bodies when we eat once a day.

Gaining weight.
Your body slows down your metabolism because it believes that you are in a food shortage.

It’s a start to stock up on the food that you consume so that you can have it for when you need it later.

Unstable blood sugar level
If you decide to eat just once a day you should consider that it may lead to unstable levels of blood sugar.

Also, it may cause muscle tension which in the future is the source of headaches.

Lack nutrients
Eating once a day means that you are not providing your body with a sufficient amount of the vitamins that it needs.

So you need to consider that this may bring vitamin deficiency that causes hair loss.

Deteriorated social life.
If you restrict yourself to just one meal then you need to consider that you may lose a lot of family gatherings, birthdays, or even lunches at work.

OMAD is also known as a “diet headache” because it causes such reactions in our body that it creates headaches.

Always cold
Eating just once a day makes your blood flow towards your fat storage.
Providing your body with a few calories makes you feel cold and hungry all the time.

Unhealthy eating
If you don’t eat in 24 hours, once you get to eat you feel like you deserve a good meal so you’re more likely to choose unhealthy meals.

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