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What Happens If You Stop Shaving Body Hair?

When celebrities with noticeable body hair walked the red carpet, people responded differently. 

Some people say that this is unacceptable while others believe that we should abandon beauty standards. 

Anyone does what they want with their body, but several scientists have supported health benefits from allowing body hair to grow. 

You will be less affected by skin infections.

You may have been shaving on a regular basis, but if you do not take care correctly, your skin may get damaged. 

It has the potential to prevent skin problems.

You can avoid razor burns and ingrown hairs considered as the most prevalent shaving side effects. 

It may heal your skin faster.

If you have cuts or bruises, avoiding shaving can hasten the healing process.

It can help with chafing.

If you engage in physical activity, you may be familiar with chafing sensation and underarm rashes.

What about you? Do you remove your body hair or leave them?