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Weeping Father Of 7, Loses Wife And Takes Care Of Children Alone, Stranger Gives Him An Unbelievable Surprise

Life is unexpectable. In one moment you have everything, and a moment later everything turns upside down. 

Dakota Nelson had a wonderful life with his wife and their children until she instantly passed away. He was left to take care of his children alone. 

They were cleaning around the house when Ream lay on the floor unconsciously and wasn’t breathing. 

Dakota did everything to save his wife until the paramedics arrived. She was rushed to the hospital and spent a couple of weeks in a coma, and died.

Dakota knew his life was falling apart and had to provide the best for his children aged 1 through 16. He was working three jobs in order to provide for them and pay the bills. 

Someone stumbled upon his story and decided to ease the financial pressure on Dakota’s family. The ‘secret person’  donated to them an envelope with $10,000.


The Dakota family shed tears of joy and couldn’t believe how much they were helped. 

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