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We Think None Of Us Are Doing This Motherhood Thing Perfectly

I have mastered the motto fake it till you make it. I am my own critic. Do not ask for help. You do not want others to think that you are weak, or do you?

Can I be honest about it? It is a garbage. I am hard enough on myself. My stomach is hanging over my jeans now and you guess what? I had four chocolate chip cookies today. Crushing it. And I defended myself with a salad for lunch.

Every week I text my friends that this week will be my turning point where I get things together. BREAKING NEWS. Still hasn’t happened? Yep… Because life is never perfect and is never going to be. 

 Yes we all admit that certain things in life need improvement. We always use words like I can’t, I want, I need, or when I get this, then I do this.

Your marriage hit a rough patch or just your partner is not where you wanted them to be. Yes we all have to admit that it is not easy. Motherhood is not easy. Do not hide behind your smile. 

Do not pretend things are perfect, no matter where you are now in life, stop a moment and be grateful. Just let for a bit the things that need improvement. 

The body you do not want, has pushed out three kids, right? Give to yourself some grace. 

I am learning to be OK with where I am now in life. I am smiling because my life looks pretty good.

Thank you sis, for your time.