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Warning Signs And Different Conditions Ovaries May Be in Danger And Pain

Even though the ovaries are not always discernible, women sometimes experience discomfort and pain. The ovaries are the reproductive organs and play a vital role in reproduction, the development of sexual characteristics in women, and the menstrual cycle.

If you have ovarian pain, you feel it in your lower abdomen and pelvis. Different conditions can cause pain in the ovaries. We are going to mention and explain the most common:

Ovulation Pain

Some women feel discomfort even though most of them do not feel ovulating. When an egg is released from the ovary is the process named Ovulation. This can go hand in hand with bleeding, increased vag*nal discharge, and nausea. Some women take birth control pills to prevent discomfort and ovulation, even though no treatment is necessary.

Pelvic inflammatory

The infection spread to the uterus, fallopian tubes, or ovaries is called Pelvic inflammatory disease or PID. This bacteria is sexually transmitted from chlamydia or gonorrhea. Some women can get PID from childbirth infections, miscarriages, or abortions. Antibiotics are needed for the treatment of PID.

Ovarian torsion

This happens when around supporting tissues is twisted an ovary. Even the fallopian tube may become twisted. Blood supply may be cut off to these organs. It can be a medical emergency and you can lose an ovary. Women with ovarian cysts are more commonly faced with Torsion, which can swell the ovaries.


The abnormal growth outside the uterus of menstrual tissue is called Endometriosis. It can be developed on the ovary, pelvis, or abdomen. It sheds during menstruation and it becomes caught inside because the material has no way to leave the body. Internal bleeding, abdominal severe pain, and scar tissue can be caused by endometriosis. These symptoms have no cure but can be managed.