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War Veteran Receives Amber Alert On Phone While Driving, Looks Up And Sees Vehicle Right In Front Of Him

Amber Hagerman was abducted in 1996 and the USA was into discovering ways that could find missing kids or kidnapped one from the general public.

What is an AMBER alert? It is a system first introduced which stands for America’s missing.

It contains messages with information for the victim and their suspects and sended via email, tv stations, radio and people’s phones. There are people who ignore this kind of message, there are the other ones who do not ignore it and play an important part in saving someone’s life.

The protagonist of this news is Steve Adams who is a war veteran and one day he received one of these alerts on his phone located in Knoxville in TN as he was in Ohio and thought he wouldn’t be any help. While he was driving, he was keeping vigilance or even when he was walking around.

The two year old Brooklyn Enix was the child who got snatched. Her father had killed her mother, who was his ex-wife. Adams was worried after receiving the alert for the girl’s safety so he drove, but a car happened to pass and, in that moment, he saw a little hand waving to him.

At that moment he saw again the message and the driver happened to be the little girl’s father and his license was from Tennessee. He followed the car so he couldn’t lose the little girl.

He immediately called 911 giving all the location details. After his call the polices were able to stop the murder and brig the girl in a safe place, the little girl was unharmed thanks to the veteran call for help.

He was declared a hero by the little girl.
We should pray that the world has more caring people like him.

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