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Venice Beach in California Has Become a Home Of Crime And a Psychiatric Ward

Recently, this news is becoming more and more disturbing, especially for those who live near the beach area of Venice in California. This area has long been visited by tourists, and this phenomenon is reducing the number of them.

It is one of the areas where artists from all over the world come to spend their holidays. In this tourist area, the number of homeless people has recently increased a lot. But this is not as disturbing as the life they lead. Various crimes have started to spread rapidly, and this is scaring the residents of the area.

The homeless have started to divide into groups and live under umbrellas, on the beach, by the sea, and on the promenade. This has become a concern for young children as well. It is one of the most visited areas of this beach, but now it is full of umbrellas where they live to be clean.

Their livelihood is threatening the citizens and tourists of this country. They consume drugs, steal, quarrel with each other, etc.

This thing is becoming a scary sight every day. Many tourists have found needles or napkins where the homeless have consumed drugs. This damages the environment but is also very dangerous for children playing on the beach. It is not the first time that a needle with which drugs have been consumed has been found near the amusement park. Only the homeless living near this area of California is to blame.

According to studies, the number of clean people on the beach of Venice has increased a lot. This number has come as a result of emigration, or living conditions. But in the last 5 years, it is noticed that this change is very big. Local and foreign passers-by or tourists show that this part of the beach has been calmer. “I came here a few years ago.

It was a place where I relaxed with my family. But this year it seems that everything has changed. From a quiet and clean place, it has become a place with a lot of noise and garbage. I think someone should be responsible for it. ” tell tourists.