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University of Sussex Revealed Study: Shih Tzu Understand What Humans Say

The University of Sussex did a study that revealed that Shih Tzu understands what humans say. Everyone who has a Shih Tzu dog should realize that it really does seem like they are understanding our words, right?

The Sussex researchers confirmed that Shih Tzu understands what humans say, and can understand the words we use to teach them commands.

Shih Tzu understands what humans say. The survey was done with 250 dogs to assess how they responded to spoken commands.

The test proved that dogs actually use different parts of the brain to understand words and also the tone that the person is speaking to communicate with the dog.

It is not yet possible to say how much dogs understand our complex verbal language, but the study has shown that dogs understand the content of our language in a very similar way to humans.