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Unbelievable: Woman Delivers 7 Years After She Was Told She Was Never Going To Get Pregnant

The couple whose story we will see today went to high school together and then they ended up together.

They had their youngest child and then after giving birth Joane, was diagnosed with a disease that made her not able to get pregnant again.

They wanted to have a bigger family at all costs, but at a certain point they gave up. Joanie’s disease, the polycystic ovary, made it impossible for them.

One day Joanie felt something on her chest and had it checked. It was a milk gland.

She thought it might be cancer but fortunately, it was a milk gland.

Seven years later, they found out that they were going to have another child.

But this was not the only surprise. They were actually going to have triplets.

The triplets were born prematurely but fortunately, all three of them survived and are now healthy.

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