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Unbelievable! Canada and the US Offered 19 Scholarships and Millions of Dollars For This Nigerian Teenager

The United States is looking for young scientists and innovators. Many young people from all over the world are going to study and work in Canada and the USA. It is a golden opportunity to have a better life and a better future. Newcomers to America can be from small countries but also large countries. Recently many talented teenagers and young people are going to study in America. But do you know what? These young people come from small and poor countries.

This article is about a Nigerian teenager who was eaten by the flow of his life. For a short time, many American universities have offered great scholarships. Scholarship values ​​started at $ 5 million. Many other teenagers have also won scholarships from high schools in Canada.

She shows that she is amazed and that she still does not believe that such a thing has happened. “I am happy. My family has always been able to afford economics. My dream was to study at a good university. It is what I wanted to do in America. I can say that I had no hope at all. It all happened very suddenly when it did not apply to dozens of universities. However, I was convinced that none of the universities that apply would accept me. “

Chika Yinka-Banjo was a teenager who won almost 19 scholarships from the US and Canada. He managed to win these scholarships in the best schools in America. We can’t think of Princeton University and Harvard College.

“I talked about this with my parents. I still can’t believe this is happening. However, I tell you that I am happy and that after this event I smile more. It has made me feel proud of myself. I have also had offers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University. It makes me very happy. I have not yet done where I will study.

In addition to being a teenager, I have also received proposals from Canada. We all know that a student to participate in these Universities must be very talented, hardworking, and smart.