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U.S. Troops Withdrawal From Afghanistan Was An ‘Extraordinary Success’ Says Joe Biden

The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is one of our greatest achievements,” said Joe Biden. He successfully performed these operations and managed to return to America.

The ceasefire was unpleasant, even though the Taliban accepted it. They managed to get wet in the last minutes after many attempts. Foreign forces obtained permission from the Taliban and withdrew their troops from Afghanistan. Americans saw this as a success of Joe Biden’s policy. They rejoiced at the news and, after much criticism, backed the decision by the U.S. troops to return.

Their policies of attracting Americans were very bold. Many US troops were evacuated within days and left Taliban rule. The president indicated that they were still trying to withdraw the remaining troops from Afghanistan. These troops are still under Taliban rule. Although a large number of Americans were evacuated, some remained in Kabul.

The American troops will be stationed next to their families and within a period they will all leave Kabul. Although it seems that this will be very difficult because the Taliban do not seem to agree with it. Although Joe Biden’s policies and the U.S. attempts to withdraw American troops, were successful and about 90% of them withdrew, not all managed to leave.

The US withdrew from the fighting in Afghanistan, and Jo Biden held a conference on this where he indicated that his efforts to leave Afghanistan would not end. He delivered a speech to the media. A few days after the withdrawal of troops, he decided to hold a conference that showed all the efforts of the American state to protect their citizens and soldiers. He thanked the American troops and told them he was grateful for their efforts. However, he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat the US government.