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Tyson Beckford Recalls When He Called The Crips And Bloods On Kanye West After Ye Had Someone Confront Him

The behavior that Kanye West has been menacing in the last period has turned out to be an issue of a long-running issue with other celebrities also. 

Apart from Pete Davidson of Trevor Noah, there are other celebrities involved in this crosshair. One of them is also supermodel Tyson Beckford.

Beckford himself spoke about a past confrontation with Kanye’s people which occurred in New York at an event. This happened on the 50th anniversary of the famous designer Ralph Lauren. 

Just before this event, Beckford had had a confrontation with the famous Kim Kardashian who claimed that he had a different sexual orientation. 

Beckford said that he saw Kanye at the event and tried to make eye contact with him in order to say hi but the rapper didn’t even look at him. 

Later he was approached by the associates of Kanye who told him not to start anything for something Kim might have said. 

Eventually, there was no confrontation that night. Kanye was supposed to participate at the Grammy Awards but he was actually removed because of all the recent behaviors he has done. 

He also called the host of the Grammy a “Koon”. The host is Trevor Noah. Even though Trevor was offended by Kanye he did not hold a grudge against him. 

All the contrary, Trevor said that Kanye actually should perform at the Grammys and there is no need to cancel him. 

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