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Tyrese Gibson’s Mother On Her 65th Birthday Is At Her Final Resting Place

Tyrese Gibson’s mother was separated from this life and is going to her final resting place. The American singer and actor is going through a very difficult moment. 

Roman Pearce shared a video of Priscilla Murray Gibson being put in her final resting place. 

Tyrese Gibson wrote in his post: ‘Today we celebrate my mother’s 65th birthday and we put her in her final resting place. My heart is heavy today but I’m praying.’

I am happy to get my mother’s place near my family. My mother, you are an angel and I am so honored to be your son. 

Priscilla died from Covid 19 and pneumonia. My mother held my hand as a child and a teen and never let it go. I love her, he added. 

Other actors and famous celebrities wrote their deepest condolences.