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Types of Grooming for Shih Tzu: 3 Options for 2022

The care necessary for the well-being of this breed is the same for any animal: respect and love it, provide it with adequate food, give it a space and take it to a veterinarian for consultation.

However, it is also important to take care of the coat so that it does not get knots or skin problems. One of the ways to keep your shih tzu healthy in this regard is to take him to the pet store frequently.

Bathing and grooming with specialized products for Shih Tzu is essential to maintain the health and beauty of the animal.

We will list below 3 grooming options for you to get an idea of ​​the types of grooming for Shih Tzu you can do on your shih tzu.

1 – The standard clipper is the most famous type for being widely used in dogs that participate in animal beauty contests.

The fur is soft and has an exceptional performance thanks to a series of hydration. Finishing requires cutting and brushing. The advantage of a standard clipper is comfort.

2 – Baby grooming

Up to one year of age, the hair of all races undergoes a lot of change, and this causes a lot of knots. So, the Shih-tzu’s clipping will be for short hair, simulating the size of the puppies’ coat.
This type breaks down into three types of baby clipper for Shih-tzu: the tall baby clipper, the medium baby clipper and the short baby clipper. This differentiation refers to the size of the hair.

This style of grooming the Shih Tzu is just as popular as the standard grooming, otherwise known as plush grooming.

All the hair covering the body, legs and tail is cut. The fur is longer only on the head area and is brushed until it is longer, similar to a lion’s mane.

3 – Japanese Grooming

This is grooming for looks only, so it’s perfect for a shih tzu puppy.

The fur on the ears has always been very long and the claws are also very hairy. This cut features round or triangular hairs.