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Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian Barker Share Statements Following Travis’s Health Scare

The couple Kardashian- Barker have been breaking the internet with their marriage news and photos in italy.

A few days later the couple rushed in emergency because Barker was not feeling well. Kourtney has denied leaving her husband’s side while he was in medical care.

Travis’ daughter Alabama posted on social media a message where she asked his fans to pray for him. After leaving the hospital both Tavis and Kourtney explained online why they rushed into an emergency.

He was diagnosed with pancreatitis which manifested following an endoscopy routine. Kortney seemed so stressed about his situation and declared that health is everything and it can change very fast.

Travis was doing a routine endoscopy and ended with pancreas problems. His health conditions were great as he says but the endoscopy had other plans. After his routine check he was hospitalized because he had a polyp problem which damaged a critical drainage tube.

Knowing the importance of pancreas travis is grateful to God for feeling better.
Kourtney is happy too that God gave him health and courage to get through this, she is thankful to all hospital crew for taking care of her husband and grateful for the prayers they received during hospital time.

During this time kourtney refused to leave travis side. She has recently changed her social media instagram name into kourtney kardashian barker.

Kourtney says that she is not an emotive person because she can not express her feelings. She is happy that now he can go back home to his family.

Both of them have kids from different marriages over the years and now they have become a big family full of boys and girls. Tavis anf kourtney do not have children together yet.

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