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Toronto’s ASD Band Raised Autism Awareness By

For the first months of COVID19, Spenser Murray didn’t leave his house.
Even ordering groceries and such was freaking me out, I was scared to leave the house, Murray says. He has Asperger’s syndrome, an autism spectrum condition. Murray had to leave his house to go make music.

He is a drummer for a band called ASD, named after Autism Spectrum Disorder because all of them are on the spectrum. Murray was asked to join the band, and he has been a percussionist since grade 6. And he thought that the band would be a great idea to show that autistic people can be successful.

All the band members are from the greater Toronto area. When their first concert was canceled during the pandemic, it was a really difficult time.

You have a very tough time processing disappointment when you are on the spectrum. And it doesn’t make sense that something doesn’t happen when you promise.
And they found a way to record their music. Taking all the precautions needed they went to Metalworks Studios and recorded three songs in just one day.

Murray says “I wasn’t sure if we would get them all in a day, but we did.”
They released all songs on Spotify throughout October – Canada’s Autism Awareness Month. They shared also merchandise, designed by Adam Barkworth, who is also on the spectrum.

ASD Band also invited people on the spectrum to film themselves playing their songs.
The band hopes to organize the concert when the pandemic is over, but until then, Murray cheers people on the spectrum who love music, to pursue and go for it.

Most people on the spectrum are focused on something they like. If you want to focus on music, you are going to be really good at it.

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