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Top 10 Things to Do When No One Is Watching аt Work

We have often seen people who work in offices have spinal deformities, ankle pain, and difficulty moving. It is because these people do not move. They sit and maintain a detrimental attitude to physical health. Below we have 10 actions that we must follow according to this certain order in order not to have physical health problems.

Start moving your neck more slowly. 20 seconds vertically, then 20 seconds horizontally, and then do a rotation for 10 seconds. It is beneficial for the neck.

Relax the fingers of the hands should rub them lightly and move them more slowly. But be careful, you should not crack the finger bones as this would damage them.

Start moving your legs. First, lengthen them and start moving them in the form of scissors. After that, start pulling and lengthening them. You can do this for 15 seconds.

Extend the arms and then start moving them in the form of scissors. Then you have to move them vertically.

Extend the arms to the left and the right and start moving them 360 °.

It is important to make a 90 ° rotation of the spine. Sit in a chair and rotate your back.

Sit in a chair and start doing some push-ups while leaning on the table. Do 20 of them and thus activate the arm muscles.

Now is the time to get up from your chair and do 10 ups and downs. It will increase your activity, and why not eliminate stress.

Now at the end, you have to empty all the negative energies by making 30 punches in the air and then put your hands behind your head trying to stretch them as much as possible. Once you have done this for 20 seconds, you can sit back in your chair and start working.