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Tom Selleck Has Been Married For Over 30 years. Here Is His Secret

Tom Selleck was a very popular figure in the ’80s. He was mostly known for his role in the movie “Magnum P.I”. But also, it is important to note that younger people probably know him for his role as Richard, Monica’s boyfriend, in the TV series “Friends”.

Tom is undoubtedly a very successful actor and he has also managed to create a healthy family, giving them a lot of focus and attention. This has made his marriage last longer. 

When Tom was only 38 years old, he met Jillie Joan Mack, and later in 1987, they married each other. They started their family this way and have two daughters. When they met, Jillie was working as an actress and Tom would always go and see her plays in “Cats”.

Tom and Jillie had their first child in 1988. At that same time, they moved to the ranch where they are still living today. She is now 31 years old and works as a professional equestrian. Tom and Jillie have worked together as a team in order to raise their children in the best possible way.

Tom and Hanna, his daughter, has opened a boutique in Hidden Valley, a stable breeding boutique. They are both passionate about horses and are extremely happy to have started this business together. 

In his free time, Tom enjoys watching hockey games and does grunt work also.  Share your thoughts about this story in the comments section on Facebook.