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Tom Jones On His Life After Losing His Wife Linda to Cancer, ‘I Want To Make The Most Of It’

Over the years many stories of infidelity have been upon him, but even that, his wife has always been his lady. 

Sir Tom Jones and Linda Trenchard have been knighted by the Queen. They were married when they were 16 years old. Linda died of cancer in 2016. Jones said that he will never love another woman in his life. 

He canceled all his concerts after her death. He opened up about his relationship with her and everything he blamed himself. 

He returned to London after her death. They had one son, Mark Woodward. Jones also had another son with a woman he had an affair. He loved his wife but when he had toured around the world, he admitted to having slept with around 250 women in a year. 

He had a child with Katherine Berkery back in 1987. He asked for a paternity test and learned that he was his boy. 

He had to pay for his son until he turned 18. His son blamed him for everything. 

I do not want anything from him. I just wanted his love. I have passed a few years as a homeless and addicted to drugs.