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Tom Cruise Cut Ties With Youngest Daughter Since She Was 6YO And Reason Behind Will Surprise You

Nowadays most marriages end up in divorce and this is what happened with the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

But the problem with divorces is that they also affect the lives of children who are always caught up in the middle.

In the case of Tom and Katie, they broke up in 2012, and since that day they have not had contact with each other.

The sad thing is that Suri, their daughter, has not seen her father Tom since then either.

Just recently she celebrated her birthday and, like any other year, Tom was not there.

The couple married in 2006 but as the years went by their relationship started having problems until it reached the point of breaking up in 2012.

At the time, Suri was only six years old but she was smart enough to understand that her life was not going to be the same.

Their daughter Suri was under the custody of Katie and grew up in New York.

Since the breakup, Tom has not shown any interest in getting to spend time with his own daughter. A lot of people find this very strange and some attribute this behavior to his religion.

Someone who used to be part of the same religion said that in this case Tom is not allowed to form a relationship with his child.

This former believer and follower of this religion also said that according to this religion Suri is just a spiritual being like any other but happens to be living inside the body of his daughter.

This religion that Tom follows is called Scientology. According to this source, Tom cannot have a relationship with his daughter because she doesn’t practice his beliefs.

But these claims were denied by the Church of Scientology.

Other people believe that Tom decided by himself not to have a relationship with his daughter and that his beliefs have nothing to do with it.

There is another source who is sad that Tom actually has tried to get in contact with his daughter and Katie.

Tom has two other children who are adopted. He adopted them with his wife at the time, Nicole Kidman.

But as we know the kids have no relationship with Nicole and this is believed because Nicole is not a follower of Scientology.

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