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Tiny Baby Girl Cuddles Twin Brother First Time After Doctors Said She ‘Couldn’t Make It’

Giving birth is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world for a woman.

But the news that came right after a mother gave birth to her twins, was the thing no parent would want to hear. 

Laura Hough is a 27-year-old woman who was pregnant with twins. She gave birth to a baby girl named Neve and a baby boy named Louie.

Unfortunately, the doctors had averted Laura that Neve’s placenta was deteriorating and that she might not make it.

She and her husband Chris Carey had been preparing themselves for the worst since every time they went to the hospital, the doctors reminded them that Neve was not going to make it.

After the premature birth, they were even more convinced about it. 

When Laura gave birth, baby Neve was fine and breathing regularly. It was baby Loui instead whose lungs collapsed because of air stuck inside them.

He was put in treatment to get the air out of his little lungs. 

The twins were separated from each other for two weeks since they both needed some treatment.

The moment they were reunited, they gave each other a cuddle and the parents described it as a touchable and cherishable moment. 

Ever since the parents have been sharing their baby’s journey on social media.

Another time the siblings have separated again for two days and when they were put together again in the incubator, Neve tried to put her little hands around her brother’s neck. 

Neve is doing very well and everyone is proud of her. She is a little warrior. 

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