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TikTok Video Shows Emotional Day Mom Returns To Work 12 days After Giving Birth

In this article, we will see how a young mother was forced to get back to work after 12 days of giving birth to her little baby.

She shared a video of herself crying about this and it went viral on social media. The video started a whole debate about maternity leave.

The mom is Rebecca Shumard and she currently lives in Pennsylvania.

She was forced to get back to work after only 12 days since she wants to save her maternity leave days for when her daughter gets released from the intensive care unit.

Rebecca works as a medical assistant. She filmed the video while at work. In America, no paid family leave is provided.

Paternity leave instead is provided in only nine states, including Washington D.C. The period of paid family leave is only six weeks.

For those people who work in services that are low-paying, the situation is even worse.

Another difficulty that young mother Rebecca is facing, is having to pump breast milk while she is at work. She does this every three hours.

After her video went viral, a lot of people have offered her support by donating money to handle the difficult situation and also supplies.

She is now able to take more time off and spend it with her newborn.

She is very grateful to anyone who reached out and helped her.

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