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This Rich Widow Passed Away And All Her Fortune Didn’t Reach Even A Single Person From Her Family Or Friends

The story of Ellen Frey-Wouters is quite different as she shocked the world with her gesture.

She was rich and at the age of 88, passed away. Ellen left behind a written letter that she had decided to leave all her money and assets. 

Can you believe it? She left everything to her two cats, Troy and Tiger. She had a child that died when she was young and after that also her husband died. She had some relatives, not very close to, but that needed money. 

Her caregiver Dahlia is left to take care with the two cats. She wrote that her cats were like her children and loved them very much. She said that they deserve to live a good life.

Her cats were rescued from the streets by Ellen. After the cats die, the remaining money will go to her sister. 

What do you think about her leaving the fortune to her pets? What would you do in the same situation?