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This Little Girl Saved Herself From Kidnapper Using Tips From “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”

Alyssa is the 11-year-old who protected herself from the kidnapping and managed to help the police catch the kidnapper. Only 11 years old, the girl shows that she had acted cleverly and that she had managed to escape very quickly. All she had in mind at that moment was the famous movie “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. She managed to act skillfully because she was inspired by the main actress of this film.

According to NBC, the attack took place in Floria in the morning, near the bus station. The girl was waiting for the school bus as she approached a white car in which the kidnapper was. He was holding a knife in his hand and ran after the girl to catch her. Everything happened very quickly, and the girl shows that she was scared. However, she tried to think of every move and was brave enough to escape a dangerous attack.

She feels proud of herself and thinks that the main character of her favorite movie Olivia Benson would be proud of her. She used some blue slimes to leave marks that would help police catch the kidnapper. The police managed to find her easily and this happened due to the ingenuity of the little girl.

At first, I was scared, and the only thing that scared me is the movie “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. I started thinking like a secret agent and managed to come up with my mind, the plan to escape. For this, I used a blue slime to leave marks on the scene and the husband’s clothes.

I was waiting for the bus when a white car stopped in front of me. It is not the first time I have seen that car. She had stopped there some time ago. But I had told my family. The last time the kidnapper ran towards me with a knife in his hand. I am happy and proud that I managed to escape. “

The girl said that she watched the movie with her mother. According to reports, the girl was brave. The police thank the girl who made it easier for them to catch the kidnapper. Alyssa also became a heroine girl. This story was shared on social networks.

But the most beautiful part is when it was shared by her favorite actress, who is also the main character of the film. “You are a brave girl, and thank you for not being afraid to defend yourself. We would like you to be part of our team. “Slime was a great idea.” writes the actress.

Source: NBC News