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This is what store owners say about hiring workers with autism

Chip Bryers and Andrew Collins have opened a store that is a great example for everyone. But what makes an ice cream shop so special? This Italian shop near Lake Buena Vista is very welcoming and its staff is positive. Most of the store staff are autistic and they do an excellent job.

“I have often asked to work in different countries but they have rejected me. They think we can not understand them. These words are hurtful but they did not stop me from opening my own business.” said Bryers, who has autism. According to him, no one should become pessimistic because of the past.

“The business idea was born when Collins and I were part of the Disney staff. We thought it would be a good idea and decided to give it a try. So we worked hard and within a month we opened our store. We also discovered that it was the first store to have a large staff with autistic people. ”

For both Bryers and Collin it was not just the opening of a business that mattered. They also wanted to offer a good job opportunity for many people with autism or other syndromes. They wanted to support and help them. And of course, already, half of the staff is autistic.

“Having a job is very important to support a family and have a better economy. This also applies to people with autism who are in dire need of family and friends. We know that this job will “It was a good opportunity for them, to allow them to express themselves and also to meet new friends.

They are very hardworking and loving with their clients and colleagues.” Bryers said.

Collins said his brother was also on the autism spectrum and working at this store has helped him a lot to become more social.
“I am convinced that everyone needs to work and have a career,” Collins said.

They are very happy about the initiative they have taken. This business is already showing its results. One of the workers, in the first days of work, did not communicate with clients or staff. While now it can offer suggestions for ice cream flavors to customers.

Bryers hopes that all employers will understand their employees and give them opportunities to grow.

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