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This Is What Happened To A Baby Elephant After He Was Trapped Inside A Well

This news touched the hearts of many people around the world. A baby elephant was stuck in a well and could not get out. The images have been shared on social media, and the elephant also appears in these images. He tried to get out of the place where he had stumbled but could not. It is an example that animals need our help and care. The baby was scared of this event.

The accident happened an afternoon when the little elephant was detached from its mother. He was playing in the Kerala forest of India. He failed to look at the well and fell inside it. The well was deep and narrow. It made the condition of the baby elephant more difficult.

He tried to get out, but the well was narrow and moldy. There was a little water left in the well, so he could not stay in it for long. He started crying and asking for help. Residents say that the baby elephant’s cries were heard throughout the village. The residents of Kuttampuzha village went to watch the event. They tried to pull it out but failed. For this reason, they are called a rescue team.

Once the rescue team arrived on the scene, everyone was relieved. This event had greatly tired the little elephant and had frightened him greatly. The rescue team decided to find a way to rescue the elephant.
They began to dig the sides of the post. After digging most of them, they tried to pull out the elephant carefully. The baby elephant was scared. However, he managed to get out of the well with the help of the team.

The villagers were happy about the rescue of the elephant and started spreading the news about his rescue. The elephant had no big injuries, only a few scratches on the knee.
After the team rescued the elephant, they managed to find his family. They sent the elephant to his family and closed the well so that the same event would not happen again.