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This Is The Inappropriate Scene at The Olympics Opening Ceremony You Didn’t See on TV

This Friday, at the Olympics opening ceremony in Tokyo, things didn’t go as planned. Especially for one TV network that aired inappropriate images and after that issued an apology. 

Images shocked everyone.

The Olympics of 2020 in Tokyo was delayed due to the pandemics. As many other events that were affected also. Japan is hosting this Olympics.

The games started on 23rd July and will continue until 8th August under strict precautions and restrictions.

The opening ceremony took place last week. Things were going smoothly, but that was it when this TV network coverage made everyone shocked.

They added photos and captions to refer to countries in the games. For example a photo of Chernobyl for Ukraine, a pizza for Italy, Salmon for Norway, and even Dracula for Romania.

Do we have to take things so seriously?

And look at these…

The TV network issued an apology after that.