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This Is The History Of Juneteenth

Juneteenth is an important moment for slaves. They have gone through a difficult life, facing violence and physical fatigue every day. But their biggest concern was the loss of rights and freedoms.

They had to live their lives and tried for centuries to earn it. They wrote songs, literary works, and many poems, which today are facts about the difficult life lived by the Egyptians and slaves. They worked the land and served the rich and white to earn a living. But in most cases, they were not paid for the work they did.

After many years, their rights were decided by Abraham Lincoln. He kept his word and made laws that forbade slavery. In these speeches, he stressed that everyone should have equal rights.

January 1, 1863, is the day slavery was banned, and it became a day of celebration for all. After the end of the wars, everyone came to the square to celebrate this blessed day.