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This Hungry Teen Goes to Kroger and Asks Strangers for Food – Little Did He Know His Life Was Going To Change Forever

Some people will try very hard to go ahead in their life, this teenager was one of them. He didn’t want to just wait for things to happen in life. He headed to the part of the town where rich people stayed with no money at all. 

He had to do something that he never did but was forced to. He approached a stranger with his request. He was poor and didn’t have anything to eat with his mother.

He had a plan to offer work in exchange for a bite of food. But his life was going to change forever. 

He entered the Kroger store, and approached a stranger saying that he would carry all his groceries to the car, if he gave a pack of donuts to him. 

The stranger was moved by his request. He looked like he had been turned down for a long time. And I said to him ‘yeah dude, we will get something for you’.

He explained his situation to the stranger. It was clear that he needed a helping hand. 

He filled the cart with everything for the little boy to get home. We bought everything and had so much fun together. 

The stranger discovered that the teenager Chauncy was a straight-A-student. He told me that he was going to be wealthy one day and own his business and help others. 

Even though his life was kind of rough, he had dreams. He offered the teenager a drive. They had nothing in their home. No beds, no furniture, just sleeping on sleeping bags and a lamp. 

His mother couldn’t walk. Matt saw hope in their eyes. I gave him a hug and left. 

After going, Matt set up a GoFundMe and raised money for Chauncy. 

They raised 340K dollars for his family and for him to start his own lawn mowing business.

His Incredible Story