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These Photos Prove Walmart Is One of the Craziest Places On Earth

Walmart is great to find anything you need for your everyday life, but the real thing is there are the people you meet.

If you need more proof of what we are saying, check out these photos from people that wander there.

Conga line

Nana slicer, this isn’t funny for nana.

Oh c’mon


Just let me rest a little

I said let me rest!

Free rides are the best

Oh God


Donut boy

Trips to Walmart be like;

Stocking for Christmas time


A lot of going on here

The kitty and the dog


Superman joined forces

Doggy Cool

Rey Mysterio Baby

How to sort that hair


The guy from math problems

I will just pass that

Hairstyle ideas? We have everything

While listening to Rihanna

Oh boy

I would love to pull that tail

Lowprice wedding