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These Are The Reasons You Should Not Put Your Shih Tzu In Your Car Front Seat

It is common today to see Shih Tzu heads out the window as they are taking a ride in the front seat. Even though we have our Shih Tzus as a part of our family, it is not a good idea to have him in the front seat. These are a few reasons.

Even if it is not your fault, accidents can happen. Your Shih Tzu is not secured in their seat and is more vulnerable to being injured.

Airbags save lives but are designed to stop people from colliding with their cars. Dogs have a lower position in the front seat, or their head may be out the window, airbags can be harmful.

Your Shih Tzu may be excited while traveling, and they may be interacting with you while driving. He can distract you from watching the road and may lead to an accident.

Protect your Shih Tzu by keeping him in the back seat while driving. Even if you have not secured them, it improves their chances of avoiding serious injuries.