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These Are The Funniest Tricks To Learn Your Shih Tzu

You may think that your Shih Tzu cannot learn tricks, especially when you tried several times before. These are some fun tricks to learn your Shih Tzu with a little patience and the right way. 


You can teach your Shih Tzu to bark when you want that. It may take a while for him to get that, you must wait for him to bark then provide a reward. 


Learn them to hug, and reward their behavior when they do it the proper way. 

Play Dead

This trick requires a lot of time and patience to master. A clicker will signal him that he is doing it right. 


It might not be as natural for your Shih Tzu as for most dogs. It will take a little training for him to bring you back what you throw. 

Roll Over

It is simpler than it seems. Teach this to you, Shih Tzu, in three steps and reward them for each step. 

Kiss on Command

Your Shih Tzu may kiss you anytime, but you can make them kiss you on command the right way. A few treats and a clicker to alert your Shih Tzu that he is doing his job successfully.

Shake Hands

Your Shih Tzu will use his paws to get your attention. Put some treats in your hand and close it. He will paw at it to get you to open your hand. Once you make it a habit, you can have his handshake. 


This is learning your Shih Tzu to sit on its hind legs and it is a good exercise for him. 


It requires a lot of patience to learn your Shih Tzu to stand on its hind legs. Have a few treats and a clicker for them. It can pay off the time you spend with it. 


It is simple to start. Take a treat in your hand and get your Shih Tzu to spin around. Reinforce his movements with a clicker and commands.