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These Are The Fears All Men Refuse To Talk In Any Way Possible

Men, just like women, have their fears and their weaknesses. Even though they look strong, it does not mean that they have feelings. Psychologists show that men have their fears, insecurities, anxieties just like women. But usually, attention is paid to the feelings of the woman, because she is more sensitive and emotional than men.

But, for men, there is so much to talk about. They hide their feelings and do not want to show insecurity in the eyes of their partner. This is one of the reasons why men do not want to show their weaknesses. However, they also have their fears which we have listed below.

They want to look very beautiful, just like women. But the period when they want this thing differs from that of the woman. The woman likes to take care of her shame and over time realizes that her body is important. In this way, she begins not to worry too much but gives due importance to her body. While men try all the time to have a beautiful body. They and why do not say this, take care that their body is beautiful and toned. It is why they go to the palette.

Men are also worried about money. Since they are the center of the family and have a duty to provide money, they are always concerned about the family income. Their biggest concern is to provide the family with a good and beautiful life. If women want to care and love, men struggle for another responsibility.

You would not believe it, but many men say that one of the things that worries them the most is their appearance and body shape. Specifically, their height. Men are worried about their height. Since the “dream” of many women is to have a tall man, men try to do physical exercises to achieve the height they want. Over time this has become commonplace.

Men are also very jealous, even though they sometimes do not show their jealousy. They look at men as competitors and try to compete with them. It is why they are sometimes harsh and want their partner to have no friends. It can lower their self-esteem and increase their suspicions.