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These are my top five tips to help manage your child’s anxieties – Anxieties and Autism

My Tips To Help Autism Children When They Are Anxious

I spend a lot of time with my baby. He learns a lot from me. But the most beautiful part is when I learn from him. He is very loving and generous. But in addition to the good days, he, like everyone else, has difficult days. During these days he feels tired, he is anxious, he is not calm.

It took me a long time to learn how to react in every situation. But now I can cope and be calmer when my child is anxious.

In the video, I will give you the 5 tips that have helped me a lot in every situation. You can apply these tips to children of all ages. How to help the child when he is anxious? What steps should we take to help the child? In my video, you will find everything you need.