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The Surgeon Who Tried To Save Princess Diana’s Life Recalls The Night She Died

Princess Diana was one of the most enchanting women in history. She had incredible beauty internal and external. She charmed all the people who loved her. 

She didn’t have an easy life. Her marriage to Prince Charles was not that ideal. She divorced him a year before she passed away. 

Her death was shocking for everyone. The surgeon who was there when she passed, recalls that night. 

He told: ‘The thought you lost an important person for whom you personally cared leaves a mark through your life. 

He recalls that he stayed at the hospital the entire night. She was brought to the hospital at 2 AM, after her accident and I was resting in the duty room. I got the call that a serious accident happened and involved a young woman. 

She had serious internal injuries and suffered a cardiac arrest. I performed surgery but her heart could not be restarted. I tried everything, from electric shocks, cardiac massage several times but we could not get her heart beating again. 

We tried a lot, for real, a lot. We couldn’t help her come back to life. Today Princess Diana is one of the most mourned people who has ever lived.