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“The Shih Tzu Hears Everything”, Including Your Tear Before Falling

True love has four legs, a snout, and a tail. A Shih Tzu’s paws form a heart. I wanted to find a human who would look at me with the eyes of passion that my shih tzu looks at me.

A shih tzu hears four times better than a human. So he hears at 8 meters what man only hears at 2 meters. It detects the sound source accurately, in just 0.06 seconds.

You haven’t even entered the house and the Shih Tzu has already heard you coming. You barely woke up, stepped your foot inside the slipper and the Shih Tzu is already running to your bedroom door.

You keep wanting to understand what he’s discovering – because he catches the sounds of insects, the running water, the wind changing its direction, the underground, the walls. Hear what until that moment seems invisible.

Suddenly his head tilts to one side as if he were standing awake for a new movement. He is a prophet of what is to come. Because it reaches a frequency between 10 to 40,000 Hz, inaccessible to the human scale, stuck between 16 and 20,000 Hz.

The Shih Tzu prostrates himself on sentry and barks at something that didn’t happen. It just didn’t happen for you, it did for him.

They are not ghosts, they are living noises forming over great distances.
Before the cell phone rings, he looks at his cell phone. Before an object breaks on the floor, he looks at his arms. Before the intercom vibrates, he looks at the intercom.

The Shih Tzu has an auditory hypersensitivity. Lightning is an earthquake to him. A car collision in the distance is a train collision.

The Shih Tzu even hears his tear before falling, the beat of his heart changed, a pain before being a word, and comes to lick his face and offer him comfort.