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The Present Life of Lisa Turtle From Saved By The Bell

“Saved by the Bell” was one of the most popular series in the ’90s. The character of Lark Voorhies was played by the actor Lisa Turtle. It was her big breakthrough and many thought that it would grant her a fantastic career.

Lisa Turtle was the only child of Tricia and Wayne Holloway. Her life was deeply affected by a disorder she had. 

When Lisa was only a 12-year-old girl, she started having her first appearances on TV, and it was one of the things that she enjoyed most in her life. 

Her appearance on “Saved by the Bell ” granted her participation in a lot of music videos and different shows. She was also part of different commercials. 

Lisa got married to Miguel Coleman in 1996 and later divorced him after eight years of marriage. Then in 2015, she had her second marriage, with Jimmy Green. But only five months later, the marriage with Jimmy was put to an end.

In 2010, Lisa disappeared from the spotlight, leaving all of her fans wondering what happened and how she was doing. 

Only in 2020, Lisa decided to share with the public what had happened during all these years. She has a disorder named Schizoaffective thought disorder. It has caused her a lot of pain and struggles.

She thinks that this may also be the reason why she was not invited to the reunion of the famous show “Saved by the Bell”. Lisa was very hurt by this decision but is happy to have been part of the show.

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