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The Most Bizarre Diseases You Will Not Believe They Exist

There are some really bizarre diseases that you will not believe exist. From uncontrollable actions, smells and allergies we have collected some of them.

Fish odor syndrome

It is named trimethylaminuria because people that suffer from this disease have sweat and urine that smell like rotting fish.

PBA affect

Pseudobulbar affect is a condition where a person laughs or cries uncontrollably for up to several minutes.


Conditions where people eat things like paper, clothes, hair, soap, chalk, wool, metal, and more. 

Moebius syndrome

People who suffer from this syndrome are unable to close or move their eyes, make facial expressions, or smile. 

Treeman syndrome

Is the formation of outgrowths in hands and feet that resemble tree bark.

Alien hand syndrome

Someone that has this syndrome is unable to control one of their hands. It does whatever it wants. 

Cotard’s syndrome

People that suffer from this syndrome think that their organs have disappeared. 


Exploding head syndrome people hear loud noises and have trouble sleeping.


This disease transforms the lower limbs into elephant legs.


People with this disease have six fingers per hand, some others have up to ten.


This disease can turn people’s skin bluish-grey over time. 

Cold Urticaria

People with this disease can go into shock if they consume cold food, or swim in cold water. 


Feeling like your eyes are burning and experiencing headaches, vomiting, or dizziness when the light is bright. 


Hair growth all over the body including the face. 

Capgras syndrome

People with this disease believe that people close to them have been replaced by malicious lookalikes.


Progeria syndrome is the premature aging in children, who die by the age of 12.

Auto Brewery syndrome

A person that becomes drunk after eating carbohydrate-rich foods.