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The Life Of The Duchess of Alba Amidst Luxury, Love And Plastic Surgery

The Duchess of Alba is probably not a very well-known and ordinary character. What makes this woman special is the story she carries on her shoulder.

Her life has always been filled with luxury and money. But no matter how it looks from the outside it is full of sadness. What really happened?

Spanish Cayetana Fitz James won the duchess title with the death of her mother from tuberculosis. The only memories he had of her were a few short walks and staying in her bed.

Despite the connection with her father, Alba’s 17th Duke, she had a very strong relationship.

What were the problems she encountered as a child?

With the establishment of democracy in Spain, Duke decided to move to France. Cayetana never liked France because of her health problems at the time.

They later moved to London where she was educated and became friends with members of the London aristocracy such as Queen Elizabeth, Winston Churchill, and her best friend Princess Margaret.

Cayetana married Pedro Luiz Martinez who came from a noble Spanish family and had 6 children. Their wedding was glamorous and cost $ 10,000,000.

In the meantime, he returned to Spain where he had meetings with very famous personalities such as Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, etc.

Suddenly her husband passed away at the age of 53. For 6 years she stayed alone until she regained her love with Jesus Aguirre, an academic 11 years younger. Others think he was not for her but that did not interest the duchess.

Aguirre died in 2001 and she remarried Alfonso who was 25 years old. This shocked public opinion.

Alfonso was forced to sign a prenuptial agreement where she would not ask for anything from her wealth but would automatically pass it on to the children.

The Duchess of Alba died 3 years after her marriage at the age of 88. She had always been a very beautiful and freshwoman.

Over the years her face needed plastic surgery and she did not refuse. She always stayed cured but overdosed on botox and the way to do them.

It started to be very swollen on the lips, cheeks, and eyebrows and had an unusual appearance. The Duchess had a fortune ranging from $ 600 million to $ 3.5 billion.

Despite the shock, it caused to the aristocracy with its behavior and operations, it continued to remain loved by the people. Rest in peace Cayetana, people loved you so much.