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The Incredible Story Behind a Ukrainian Adoptive Family – A Hero Died In Every Way

Kyle and X were a couple who wanted to adopt a baby and when they first started the procedures they didn’t think of adopting a baby from Ukraine.

They wanted a simple adoption and as few procedures as possible.

In 2012 their plans to adopt two more babies from the Russian orphanage Charlotte were crushed, because of Putin’s pen stroke.

Then one day they came across a picture of a baby in a pink sleeper and immediately fell in love. This made them go to a place where they had never thought of going.

Something inside them made them feel like they were abandoning their Russians but they were determined to bring the babies into their home. 

They were going to adopt with the help of Serge Zevlever who was known to be a fierce man and some may also say the equivalent of a mob boss in the world of adoption. 

After just a few weeks, he had helped them adopt Louisa.

Serge’s mission in life was to serve the people and help the kids who had no family. He had united thousands of kids with families that gave unconditional love.

Unfortunately, Serge was killed this Saturday while he was defending his city Kyiv against the Russian forces. 

He could have chosen to leave the city and be safe as a dual citizen of Ukraine and America, but he decided to stay and stand up against the impressionists. 

Serge left this world as a hero, just the way he lived. 

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