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The Iconic Blonde Bikini Bombshell: What is Bo Derek Up To Nowadays?

The famous actor Bo Derek, stole everyone’s hearts since her first appearance. She is mostly known for her debut in the movie “10”, which was directed by her own husband. She has always been complimented for her looks, and as you can see in the pictures, she is still just as beautiful.

Bo got her first acting role at a very young age when she was 16 years old. While shooting this movie, named “Once Upon a Love” Bo Derek met and fell in love with her future husband, John Derek. John, apart from being a director, is also an actor.

When they met, Bo was only 17 years old. John on the other hand was way older than her and was already married to Linda Evans, which he later divorced to be with Bo. Now that Bo is 64 years old, she revealed that she has actually felt bad for ruining John’s marriage with Linda.

The couple got married in 1976 in Las Vegas, after traveling around Europe and Mexico for the previous 2 years. This is because Bo was a minor at the time and John could have been arrested for dating her.

A very important part of Bo’s looks is her beautiful braided blonde hair. It was suggested by her husband but he did not know they would become her signature look. All he wanted was for her to be noticed and what better way than to play with her beautiful hair.

Bo was John’s first choice when it came to the movie directed by him. She has played important roles in the movies: Tarzan, The Ape Man, Ghosts Can’t Do It, and Bolero.

John died at the age of 71 in the year 1998. She was convinced she was not going to get married again, but it all changed when she started dating John Corbett. Corbett is also an actor. The couple enjoys each other’s company and decided to get married in 2020.

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