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The Hidden Story Of Tusla Massacre Gets The Coverage It Deserves After 100 Years

Cases of racial violence are not uncommon in human history. This phenomenon has taken many lives and caused the noise of chaos at different times in history.

Numerous efforts to prevent these cases of violence have created new opportunities for citizens. One of the most famous stories is racial violence in Tusla. The US remembers this story and expresses regret for it.

This war happened 100 years ago in Tusla. Today the victims and events that took place during this war were commemorated. May 31, 1921, the country was suddenly attacked. These attacks were strong and there are dangerous clashes with civilians.

The whites entered the city by force and caused a terror that lasted about 2 days. The consequences of this attack are still remembered today. This attack was powerful and took the lives of thousands of people.

The consequences of this attack damaged not only the people but also their property. Many people remain homeless, and many more die under the rubble of their palaces and homes. During these two days, everyone lived in fear. The attacks destroyed many homes, neighborhoods, and many schools and hospitals. The bombings lasted all day, and military planes flew over the city.

This country has experienced major attacks and racial violence for a long time. Whites have tried to erase this city and the language they spoke. They attacked schools and children. Today this story united everyone to remember the painful experiences that the citizens of Tusla went through.