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The Eighth Child of Actor Clint Eastwood Whom He Met After 34 Years

Clint Eastwood is one of the most famous American actors. He has been part of the big screen since he first made his appearance. His performances are iconic and the audience loves all of them. 

He has been awarded many times, including four Golden Globes and four Academy Awards. Some of his most famous movies are “Dirty Harry”, “Million Dollar Baby”, and “American Sniper”.

Regarding his personal and romantic life, he is known as a womanizer. As a result, he has eight children with six different women. In the movie premiere of “The Mule”, he appeared with all eight of his children.

When he was engaged to Margaret Johnson in 1953 he had an affair with a woman from Seattle. She got pregnant and decided to put the baby up for adoption since she and Eastwood broke up.

Their baby was adopted and named Laurie. Laurie had always been curious about her biological parent and started searching for them. She then found out that her biological father was a famous actor.

Eastwood found out about Laurie’s existence only after 34 years. He became very close with her since the day they met. She first appeared in 2004 at the Oscars where her father invited her. She was seen holding hands with Eastwood’s mother. She then reappeared in 2018.

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