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‘The Black Panther Of Oxford’ Of BLM Is Fighting For Her Life After After Being Shot In The Head

In the early hours of Sunday, a brutal attack took place in London against Sasha Johnson. She is a Black Panther of Oxford activist. The 27-year-old received severe blows to the head this Sunday morning. According to sources, she may not have been the target of the dangerous attack that took place this weekend.

It was recently reported that Johnson was hospitalized and is in critical condition because he received serious injuries. She has been armed, and this has aggravated her health so much that she is now struggling with life.

The 27-year-old is an activist in many marches, protests, campaigns, and various activities. According to police, the attack took place in the morning, in London, in Pechkame, located south-east of the capital. She is much loved and known by the people because of her positive energy. She took part in marches demanding the protection of human rights.

Johnson has been nicknamed the “Oxford Black Panther” and this has made him stand out from many other activists. It seems that the latest event is seriously threatening his life. She was hospitalized in serious condition immediately after the attack. According to police, the activist was not hit immediately.

She has received life threats for a long time but did not expect such a thing to happen.
According to statements and research made by investigative groups and police forces, this double attack was prepared long ago. Whoever was the attacker, it is clear that it took him a long time to build a scheme that would help him commit the crime.

At 3 a.m., there was a terrible gun attack. There were witnesses on the street, but the neighbors say that gunshots were heard and this frightened them immensely. Mrs. Johnson is the mother of two children whom she loves dearly. She is described as a very loving and devoted mother to her children.

Source: DailyMail