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The Black Kings Who Ruled Europe For 700 Years

Not everyone knows that Europe was ruled by African descent for 700 years. They were called The Moor and began the rule of Europe, from Portugal and then from Spain. This rule spread throughout the continent. The Moors ruled for 700 years and lived in harmony with the Europeans for many centuries. The University of Oxford defines The Moor as real black people and calls them “Negro”.

To prove this part of the story, we can use as facts the writings of William Shakespeare. In the 16th century, he used in his writings, terms which belong to this dynasty. These terms have also been used by other writers. They are also part of English and Spanish literature.

According to writers and scholars, they came from North African countries and had their own culture. It is even said, that the first people to form this dynasty were Egyptians. But that did not stop people from other African countries from living in Europe. Another fact that they have lived in Europe for 700 years is also paintings and works of art. Many paintings show their lives in these centuries, and some others show their appearance. Through paintings, we distinguish features of their physical appearance.

They were long, thin, black, with black hair, curly, smooth, and clean face, narrow lips, and thick cheeks. Many songs have been written about them in these centuries, which are already a treasure of world history. They were smart and hardworking. During their rule, mathematics, astronomy, architecture, agriculture, surgery, etc. developed in Europe. This was a golden period for European countries.