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The Best Ways To Bond With Your Shih Tzu

The best experience is to bond with your new Shih Tzu. This is the way to get a good start with it.

Create a Schedule

Shih Tzus love routine and this is the heart of the bonding process. The more he anticipates activities, the more you bond with them. Feed them at the same time, walk and give snacks at the same time. 


Bond with your Shih Tzu while encouraging them.

Feeding By Your Hand

This is a great way to build trust with your Shih Tzu. You can give treats while doing this. 

Daily Exercises

Do not forget to exercise with your Shih Tzu daily. This will help them keep in good shape and strengthen your bond. 


Your puppy should have clear and consistent rules. 


Become your Shih Tzu’s play partner and engage with him in many games. 


Invite your Shih Tzu where you are sitting and cuddle with them. This is perfect before bedtime.

Safe Zone

Give them a place to relax, it may be a safe area, a small bed, or a crate.


Teach your Shih Tzu how to lie down, sit or stand. 


To bond with your Shih Tzu is not going to happen overnight. This is a process that takes time, so be patient with that. 

Enjoy your time with your Shih Tzu!