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The Best Way To Enrich The Life Of Your Hearing Impaired Shih Tzu

In fact, if a Shih Tzu has hearing issues, his life will be greatly affected. This especially can happen with old Shih Tzus. This at first makes you think that adopting a Shih Tzu with hearing impairments makes it less desirable. But they are lovely dogs that deserve affection. 

All the thing is knowing how to communicate with your Shih Tzu, despite his issues. These are a few things to make his life easier.

Vibration Collar

This kind of collar is a great way to attract him and get his attention without harming him. You can put the collar, vibrate it and give him a treat every time he responds. 

Hand Signals

You have to work to get their attention through hand signals. Tell them what you want them to do, they will react to your body language. 


Touching him will get their attention, make sure to touch lightly to not get them scared because they might react in fear. 

Create Vibrations

To wake a Shih Tzu with hearing loss is an issue. As any dog with hearing issues can even bite in response. A good way to wake them is by stomping on the floor nearby. This will be enough to wake them. It can also get their attention.

You can teach them to touch on the shoulder and provide a treat every time you do it. You have to be patient but you will see the excitement and the light in their eyes.